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[17 Apr 2011 | No Comment | ]

I often get asked “what’s the best anti-virus software?” However that’s like asking a group of people what the best car is.
Here are some things to consider when selecting security software for your computer.
Retail box or download –
Many good software products are not sold but are available for secure purchase and download from the internet. It makes it harder to ask questions about the product, but the retail salesperson can recommend the product that they stock.
Impact on PC performance –
Check out the ‘Minimum System Requirements’ to see which software needs …

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[4 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]

By De Louw Le Roux
A Last Will and Testament is the most basic of estate planning documents, but also one that is often misunderstood.
Many people incorrectly assume that if they were to die without a Will their estate would simply pass to their spouse or the state.  This is not the case.
If you die without a Will you are considered to have died “intestate.” Simply put, this means that the state decides how your assets will be divided—and not you.
People who will inherit from you may be your spouse, children, …

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[17 Dec 2009 | Comments Off on And so, this is Christmas! | ]
And so, this is Christmas!

As a community theatre, the Irene Dramatic Society (IDS) is dedicated to bringing theatre closer to the people at reasonable prices and they will be performing their Christmas Show on 4 and 5 December 2009
The year 2009 also marks the centenary year of IDS’ favourite charity, Irene Homes and to celebrate this great occasion, the IDS will donate the proceeds from all three performances of their Christmas Show to Irene Homes.

Samantha Davies, Katie Walker and Hazel Adams, who together, recite “A Visit from St Nicholas” (better known as …

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[17 Dec 2009 | Comments Off on Wanneer die Huweliksbootjie Sink | ]
Wanneer die Huweliksbootjie Sink

André Marx
Indien jy gedagvaar is vir ‘n egskeiding of op die punt staan om self te dagvaar vir ‘n egskeiding, is daar ‘n paar belangrike faktore om in gedagte te hou.
Eerstens moet jy nooit toelaat dat jy gedwing word om enige skikkingsooreenkoms te teken alvorens jy dit nie met ‘n egskeidingsprokureur bespreek het nie.
Dit is altyd raadsaam om die dienste te bekom van ‘n ervare egskeidingsprokureur aangesien die reg van toepassing op egskeidings aangeleenthede hoogs gespesialiseerd is.
Tweedens moet jy seker maak dat aangeleenthede soos byvoorbeeld ‘n …

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[3 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]
The Bread Trust Feeding Scheme bake and donate daily bread

The Aim of the Bread Trust Feeding Scheme from Lenasia, is to bake and distribute bread daily through various non-government and welfare organizations at no cost to these organizations.
They set up bakeries mainly in the densely ‘poverty’ populated areas where they create employment and training opportunities for those interested in this industry.
Members of The Bread Trust also motivate, encourage and introduce individuals who are willing to be trained to earn a livelihood to killstraining programmes.
To raise funds, the Trust is selling fire extinguishers from 0,6kg to 9kg …

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[3 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]

Die Vryheidsfront Plus verwelkom die groot aantal Suid-Afrikaners wat die Onafhanklik Verkiesingskommissie (OVK) in kennis gestel het dat hul in die eerskomende verkiesing in die buiteland hul stem gaan uitbring.
Die feit dat 80 000 Suid-Afrikaners die OVK reeds in kennis gestel het dat hulle by Suid-Afrikaanse missies in die buiteland op 15 April gaan stem, bewys dat die VF Plus se besluit om die aangeleentheid na die Grond wethof te neem, korrek was”, sê dr. Corné
Mulder, Hoofsweep van die VF Plus.
“Die VF Plus is ‘n party wat nie skroom om …

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[3 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]
Ombud urges consumers to be proactive

As part of complying with the National Credit Act, credit bureaux must compile and submit quarterly statistics reports to the National Credit Regulator (NCR).
The latest report released by the NCR includes figures for the period starting from June 2007 to September 2008.
By end September 2008 a record of 17, 53 million credit active consumers was recorded, showing an increase from 16.78 recorded in June 2007.
Of the recorded credit active consumers 59, 5 percent showed good credit record standing compared to the 63.6 percent recorded in June 2007.
This shows a …

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[3 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]
SA to invest billions in wind energy

Irish company Mainstream Renewable Power has signed a €850-million (about R11-billion) joint venture deal with South African firm Genesis Eco-Energy to build wind farms to generate “an initial pipeline” of over 500 MW of energy in the Eastern, Northern and estern Cape provinces by 2014.
The joint venture company plans to have two projects – a 30 MW wind farm at Jeffrey’s Bay near Port Elizabeth, and a 40 MW project at Colesberg in the Northern Cape – ready for construction early in 2010.
The two projects “are both at advanced development …

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[3 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]
Centurion van die jaar

Jaarliks vereer die Centurion Sakekamer ‘n persoon wat inwonend of haar/sy besigheid in Centurion bedryf.
Hierdie toekenning is onder andere in die verlede aan Colin Lazarus, Tinus Strydom, Leonie Smit, Lez Cox, Gert Meintjes, Gerhard Lourens en dr Kobie Naudé oorhandig.
Hierdie jaar salueer die Centurion Sakekamer Anique Theron vir die uitsonderlike prestasies wat sy internasionaal en plaaslik bereik het.

Anique Theron is aangewys as die (Centurion Sakekamer se Centurion van die Jaar) en Gerda Potgieter (Bestuurslid)